Florian Hoffmann

Florian Hoffmann is a German social innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of The DO School, a global platform for a new economy that is sustainable, innovative, and fair. He is also an author of ‘Die Neue Welt’ (2022).

Florian Hoffmann studied at the European College of Liberal Arts, Duke University, Humboldt University, and St Antony's College, Oxford. Hoffmann wrote his BA on normative foreign policy supervised by Ellen M. Immergut. Hoffmann also participated in the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations in 2005. He received the DAAD Scholarship to pursue his graduate studies at Oxford University.

In 2008, Hoffmann co-founded the Dekeyser & Friends Foundation in Geneva with entrepreneur and former soccer player Bobby Dekeyser. From 2009 to 2012, Hoffmann co-founded the creative strategy of furniture company DEDON and co-founded DEDON Island, an island resort and social business promoting sustainable tourism in the Philippines.

In 2013, Florian Hoffmann founded The DO School, an educational institution offering innovative educational opportunities for aspiring social entrepreneurs. The DO is based in Berlin and Hong Kong with offices in Hamburg and New York. According to Hoffman's official web, he mentored over 50.000 young social entrepreneurs from around the world.

In 2022 Murmann Publishers published his first book, Our New World. By recounting the actions of hopeful people from all walks of life, Florian shows how everyone can concretely shape the new world around us and encourages us to get involved.

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