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    the benefits of real estate as an investment include:

    Extra number of deferred taxes

    Cash flow on a regular basis

    Reduction of income tax bills

    Ability to increase income from your rentals VS your overall costs
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    If you determine that you're a great writer, the only adjustment you need to make is to learn the right way to write compelling copy that sells well.
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    The following are general guidelines you need to be effective in this particular space:

    >> A good web design that is not too complicated or overwhelming.

    >> A good product

    >> A USP or Unique Selling Position

    But these are not enough to market, let alone sell products online.

    As a copywriter, it is your job is to have your visitor want to stay and respond to your calls to action on the website. Introduce your product the best way possible. Persuade them and make them want to purchase.
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    Creating a better copy comes from knowing for whom your copy is written. Know your audience, your ideal customer, your buyer’s persona. By identifying and understanding your ideal buyer, allows you to anticipate and answer all possible questions or rejections that they may have regarding your product or service.
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    Leverage on brand storytelling. Good narration helps your reader understand and realize that they have a problem and that your product is what they need to fix that problem. Help your reader imagine themselves being in that story. Make them empathize with your story and relate to it.
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    You need to have a magnetic headline. It should stand out and be interesting to capture your ideal customer’s attention.
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    Use the 4 U’s of marketing copy to guide you in grabbing your prospective customer’s attention and get them to take action. That is-be Ultra-specific, be Unique, make sure that your content is Useful, and create a sense of Urgency
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    Consider the following when writing a Product Page:

    >> Clear product title and price - create a highly descriptive product title. This will help your customer know what it is precisely that you are offering. Be precise and accurate with your pricing information. This is crucial and one of the deciding factors in their buying decisions. Include any discount or savings that your prospective customer can benefit from their purchase.

    >> Concise - Pack only the information that your potential customer needs as clear and succinct as possible. Don’t lose customers just because you confused them with useless information that only distracts or does not explain how they can benefit from your product.

    >> Bullet points - As much as possible, use bullet points. Most of the time, your reader would only scan your copy looking just for the information that they need. Help them see it by giving the information in a bullet form. Summarize the benefits and features that can be quickly read.

    >> Creative - Use your imagination. Be as creative as you can be with your descriptions. The tone of your product description should also match your product and your buyer’s persona.

    >> Call-To-Action - Convince your page visitor to act now. Be explicit with what you want them to do.
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    The 4Us Formula
    >> Useful - If your article has no value to the reader, then they will not read it. Make sure that you write a topic that offers something of great value or targets their pain points. Make your reader realize that your copy provides a solution to their problem or answers their question. What is it that your reader is going to gain by reading your text? Always bear in mind the WIIFM (Whats In It For Me) rule, at every moment and with every hoop you make them go through.

    >> Unique - While your topic may be similar to several other blogs on the internet, you can still make your posts stand out and be different by adding a little personality, humor, or something that can arouse interest. Surprise them, pique their interest, share a piece of information they never heard of before.

    >> Urgency - Create a blog post with a sense of urgency. Your copy should be compelling enough to encourage them to act after reading it. Motivate your reader and convince them that time is of the essence and that they should act now.

    >> Ultra-Specific - Avoid using vague topics. Be specific and narrow down your topic as much as possible. It can be a number or a list or a how-to post that is detailed, but specifically to that particular topic alone. This makes your message clear and exciting. Being ultra-specific helps your readers digest the information you are providing. It means that your copy is devoid of useless information or sub-topics that only distracts and diverts their attention.
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    Instead of saying “Try it,” you instead can say “Download Now for Free.”
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