Jason Stephenson

Dr. Jason Stephenson's career began in the classroom. After earning his B.A in physics, and shortly thereafter his Masters in Theoretical Probability and Physics, Dr. Stephenson was hired on as an adjunct professor at a local university. Three years later he once again headed back into the classroom as a student to earn his Doctorate in applied physics. His first foray into the writing world was with a local textbook Publishing Company. He was asked to be a contributing author on their most recent installment of the Secondary / Collegiate level physics text book. After completing his portion of the text he ventured out on his own, and wrote various intriguing books based on his theories involving String-Theory, Parallel Dimensions, and Quantum Physics. Dr. Stephenson is currently a tenured collegiate professor and has produced a string of intriguing books based on his theories that have, along with others scientists, re-written how we see theoretical physics and how the universe we live in actually functions.


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