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    Not A Morning Personhar citeretsidste år
    Because,’ she said, ‘when you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.
    Tania Bassothar citeretfor 2 år siden
    am a grown woman—mostly—and I can guzzle champagne with whomever I choose.
    b8742368372har citeretsidste år
    I longed to enter the fraternity of the artist: the hunger, their manner of dress, their process and prayers.
    Barbarahar citeretsidste år
    Today, nearly 90 percent of the world’s population speaks a language belonging to one of seven language families that had their origins in two agricultural homelands: the Fertile Crescent and parts of China.
    Barbarahar citeretsidste år
    The languages we speak today, like the foods we eat, are descended from those used by the first farmers.
    b0118943578har citeretfor 2 år siden
    “Light,” I said, “the visible reminder of Invisible Light.”
    b2224038555har citeretsidste år
    After all that hearing, he writes, “I am exposed . . . . cut by bitter and poisoned hail.” That was perfect, I thought: you listen to people so that you can imagine them, and you hear all the terrible and wonderful things people do to themselves and to one another, but in the end the listening exposes you even more than it exposes the people you’re trying to listen to.
    b2224038555har citeretsidste år
    I can almost imagine a happiness without her, the ability to let her go, to feel our roots are connected even if I never see that leaf of grass again
    b2224038555har citeretsidste år
    “Forever is composed of nows,” she says.
    janniebachmikkelsenhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one
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