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Alona Shkrumhar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
In 1800, the Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland abolished the Irish Parliament
Alona Shkrumhar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
One event remembered as a key moment in Irish history is the Easter rising in 1916.
A failed attempt to take over the several important buildings, among them the General Post Office on O'Connell Street, led to the arrest of hundreds and execution of 15, now considered martyrs for the cause. Many believe that this event helped gain sympathy for the fight for independence from Britain.
Alona Shkrumhar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
Founded in 841, Dublin was originally settled by Vikings amongst a population of Celtic tribes. In the 9th century the Danes captured Dublin and had control until 1171 when they were expelled by King Henry II of England. By the 14th century the king of England controlled Dublin and the nearby area referred to as “the Pale”.
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