Jacob F.Field

Dr. Jacob Franz Field is an English historian of the early modern period, author, lecturer, and researcher. He has written several works of popular history, including an account of the impact of the Great Fire of London, which was the focus of his first academic monograph.

Jacob F. Field was born in Lambeth, south London. He studied modern history at the University of Oxford, after which he undertook postgraduate study at Newcastle University, receiving his MLitt there in 2005.

The same year Jacob Field was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant to research and write his doctoral thesis on the socio-economic impact of the Great Fire of London, for which he received his Ph.D. from Newcastle in 2008.

Jacob F. Field has overwritten for National Geographic, Michael O'Mara, Quercus, Thames & Hudson, Dorling Kindersley, and Routledge. He has written several popular history books on different subjects, including European history, Winston Churchill, and the D-Day Landings.

He is best known for One Bloody Thing After Another: The World's Gruesome History (2012). The most recent was A Short History of the World in 50 Animals, published in 2021.

He has also written a book about economics entitled, Is Capitalism Working? (2018).

Now Jacob F. Field teaches History and Economics at the secondary and tertiary levels. In his academic work, he is specifically interested in the economic and social history of England from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

In addition, he is interested in how societies respond to disasters, the history of migration, and transport networks.

Jacob says he enjoys teaching any aspect of early modern history, especially the Industrial Revolution.

Jacob Franz Field lives and works in London.
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A further factor in the Nile’s importance was that it reliably flooded every year. During the late summer it broke its banks, depositing a rich layer of silt, fertilizing the soil and washing out salts. The Ancient Egyptians called the annual flooding of the Nile Akhet, and believed it was caused by the tears of the goddess Isis weeping for her dead husband Osiris. The true cause of the inundation, though, was monsoon rainfall hundreds of miles upriver in Ethiopia, which caused a surge in the volume of water that eventually led to flooding of the Nile in Egypt. The floodwaters sat in natural basins that formed an immense reservoir of water for farming during the six to eight weeks when the river was in flood. These natural basins were added to by a complex system of dykes and irrigation canals that allowed the water to be stored and distributed more effectively.
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The Nile no longer annually floods in Egypt. Since the mid-nineteenth century, a series of increasingly ambitious projects have transformed the flow of the river, beginning with dams and sluices that were built to create irrigation canals that allowed a year-round supply of water. These culminated in the Aswan High Dam, which was initiated by Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918–70), who became President of Egypt in 1956. He hoped that the dam would stimulate and modernize the Egyptian economy. When the American and British governments withdrew their funding for the dam (partly as a result of Nasser’s policy of trying to maintain neutrality during the Cold War), he decided to help pay for it by nationalizing the Suez Canal, which had been owned by a corporation that had been in the hands of the French and British governments. Despite the resulting Suez Crisis, Nasser, and Egypt, retained control of the canal and used the tolls to build the dam between 1960 and 1970. Nasser, who remained president during this period, died of a heart attack just two months after the dam was completed.
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local king called Narmer

Нарме́р (Хор-Нармер, вероятно, означает «Хор — Свирепый Сом») — фараон-основатель I династии Раннего царства Древнего Египта (по другим данным – последний из 0 династии), правивший в конце XXXII века до н. э.; один из фараонов, объединивших Верхний и Нижний Египет.


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