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Eva Spencer


daria khoroshikhhar citeretsidste år
When someone is blaming someone else, it is possible that they will use gaslighting or projection as forms of emotional manipulation and control. For example, narcissists may state something to the effect of “You’re the one who cheated first,” even if they were the only one who had been dishonest in the relationship up until that point.
daria khoroshikhhar citeretsidste år
When the victim finally leaves, the narcissist will refuse to be held accountable for anything they’ve done or said in the past. They will blame their victim for the troubles in the relationship. It is necessary for the victim to let go of the goal of making the narcissist understand themselves in order to terminate the relationship successfully.
daria khoroshikhhar citeretsidste år
What a narcissist does when a relationship ends may leave the victimized party feeling puzzled, upset, and even afraid of what they have done to you or will do next. People who have survived narcissistic relationships often described feeling “shell-shocked.” Everything they believed about human nature and relationships has been turned on its head. Their preconceptions about the other party’s devotion or honesty are completely without foundation. Their hopes for human connection may be destroyed in the face of narcissistic conduct, and they may feel hopeless.
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