Jane Evans

Jane Evans, and her husband Ashley, are the Senior Pastors of Paradise Community Church in Adelaide, South Australia. This vibrant church is one of the largest and most successful in Australia, ministering to more than 6000 people each weekend. Jane leads and oversees more than 100 paid full time staff and more than 1000 volunteers in her role as senior pastor. Jane is a dynamic speaker, leader and motivator. She is highly respected and is a much sought after conference speaker who has an intense and passionate ability to powerfully communicate truth and life into her audiences. She speaks regularly on TV into the Australian and American market and is considered one of the emerging voices to women all over the world. Jane possesses tremendous versatility and is able to speak with authority on a broad range of topics. She is a mother of teenagers and a toddler. She is a full time minister, the wife of a minister and also travels the world speaking and teaching. Her background as a counselor to thousands of women and her success at helping countless women overcome the affects of abuse and other life altering problems makes her understand first-hand the issues facing ordinary people. One of Jane’s amazing gifts is perception and an ability to speak with piercing accuracy into the lives of people. She is personable and warm and able to relate to people of all ages. She has great honesty and sensitivity and tackles both the easy and difficult areas of life with the same boldness and openness. One of Jane’s great characteristics is her humor which she uses powerfully to engage her audiences and penetrate their hearts. She is also on the Board of Directors for Compassion Australia and is the South Australian Director of Australian Christian Women. Along with Ashley, Jane’s ministry also includes the challenging and fruitful area of managing their household and raising their three sons, Mark, Nathan and Benjamin aged eighteen, sixteen and four.


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