Patrick King

  • Raul Martinezhar citeretfor 8 måneder siden
    “actions speak louder than words”
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone – Audrey Hepburn
  • Dirk Leonhar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    Even the least emotionally and socially intelligent people can learn something about other people if they engage with them long enough.
  • dm8d2wvhwvhar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    Projection is a defense mechanism that can cause considerable damage and chaos if not understood for what it is. In this case, we place unwanted and unclaimed feelings onto someone or something else rather than seeing that they are a part of ourselves. We do not recognize our own “dark side” and project it onto others, blaming them for our shortcomings or seeing our flaws in their actions.
  • Vivien Zjavkovahar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    Recognizing people's "inner child" is another way to understand their deepest motives.
  • barboravaichar citeretfor 9 måneder siden
    denial and rationalization.
  • IamKing_YThar citeretfor 5 måneder siden
    we look for patterns.
  • ImNotElmethar citeretfor 5 måneder siden
    dark exists because of light
  • prajilaprasai2069har citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    The deepest craving in every human being is the desire to be appreciated.”
  • Vivien Zjavkovahar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the shadow consists of everything in ourselves that we'd rather not look at. They are the parts of ourselves that we conceal from both others and ourselves. Humans have a hard time seeing their flaws because of emotions like fear, panic, rage, and arrogance.
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