John Brockman

John Brockman is a literary agent and author specializing in scientific literature. He founded the Edge Foundation, an organization aimed to bring together people working at the edge of a broad range of scientific and technical fields. With a broad career spanning the fields of art, science, books, software and the Internet. In 1960 he established the bases for "intermedia kinetic environments" in art, theatre and commerce, while consulting for clients such as General Electric, Columbia Pictures, The Pentagon, The White House... He is author and editor of several books, including: The Third Culture (1995); The Greatest Inventions of the Past 2000 Years (2000); The Next Fifty Years (2002) and The New Humanists (2003).He has the distinction of being the only person to have been profiled on Page One of the "Science Times" (1997) and the "Arts & Leisure" (1966), both supplements of The New York Times.



Shubhankar Zingrehar citeretsidste år
We need Einstein for GPS, but we can still get to the moon with Newton.
Shubhankar Zingrehar citeretsidste år
don’t want to mate with people because they’re beautiful; rather, they’re beautiful because we want to mate with them,
Shubhankar Zingrehar citeretsidste år
Ergo, one elegant and socially significant explanation of diverse observations is simply this: opinion-segregation + conversation → polarization.


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