Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black is a British historian, writer, and former professor of history at the University of Exeter. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of America and the West at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, USA.

Black is the author or editor of over 180 books. He has published on military and political history, including The War of 1812 (2009), The Great War and the Making of the Modern World (2009), War: A Short History (2010), and Geographies of War (2022).

After graduating with a star First from Cambridge, he undertook research at Oxford and has been a Professor of History at the universities of Durham and Exeter.

Starting in 1980, he taught at Durham University as a lecturer and later became a professor. In 1983, he earned a Ph.D. from Durham with a thesis on British Foreign Policy from 1727–1731.

Jeremy Black worked as an editor for Archives, a journal of the British Records Association, from 1989 to 2005. He also served on various councils and editorial boards, including those of the Royal Historical Society and History Today.

Many of his works concern aspects of eighteenth-century British, European, and American political, diplomatic, and military history. But he has also published on the history of the press, cartography, warfare, culture, and the nature of history itself.

In 2008, Jeremy Black got the Samuel Eliot Morison Prize for lifetime achievement as afforded by the Society for Military History.

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