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Grace Goodwin

    Hous Semhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    jessica araujohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    “The collars. We were saying, mate, in slang, that many women back on Earth would be willing to kill to get their hands on Prillon mating collars.”

    One of the officers I hadn’t noticed before leaned back in his seat and caught my eye as he spoke for the first time. “Give me the coordinates, Commander, and I shall set course for Earth at once. We wouldn’t want any females to suffer when we have an abundance of males willing to collar and claim them rather than waiting for their brides.”

    The commander now understood I was joking, but obviously the officer hadn’t. Commander Zakar shook his head
    Kamal Soodhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    One night of wild sex. One night and that was all his powerful Trion sperm needed to make me pregnant.
    Jessica Araujohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    As the crowd parted, Gunnar set me on my feet before him and settled his hands on my shoulders. The stance was a blatant claiming, and I welcomed it. I was proud to be his. And I wanted every woman in the room to know he was mine. So very mine.

    And speaking of mine, where were my other mates? “Where are Erik and Rolf? They’ve been gone a long time.”

    “Ten minutes is not a long time.”

    I sighed. “It feels like longer.” I leaned against my mate, pressing my back to his chest and he held me, as I’d known he would, while the caterers, or cooks, or whatever the hell they called them on this planet rolled out a huge, pink-and-white birthday cake. The cake was as fancy and elaborate as any wedding cake I’d ever seen back home, with multiple layers, tiered dividers separating the entire confection into about twenty different sections.

    At the front was a small, round cake with bright pink flowers and one candle, for the birthday girl.
    roxanafmmhar citeretsidste år
    “I need to move.”
    I couldn’t remain still. I needed the friction, the slide of his hard flesh over every single nerve ending inside me.
    Jessica Araujohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    I have no idea why, but I want to put my mouth on your piercings,” she admitted, and my cock pulsed against my pants. “They’re so damn hot, but I’m a healer. I don’t want them to get infected.”

    Styx went over to a wall unit, opened one of the doors and pulled out a ReGen wand. The blue light came on and he waved it over one piercing, then the other, before tossing it to me to use next. It took only seconds to heal the minor tissue damage.

    “There. All healed.” He walked to the edge of the bed and dropped down, turning to his back with his head on the pillows. His legs were bent and his feet hung off the side so not to bump Harper. “Have at us.”

    When I was done, I dropped the wand beside my comm unit and came to stand at the foot of the bed, just out of her reach. I kept my hands at my sides. Waited.

    She glanced over her shoulder at Styx, then at me. She chose me to be first, perhaps because I was closer, and crawled over so she could flick her tongue against the embedded metal.

    It was almost impossible to keep from grabbing her and tossing her onto the bed beside Styx and fucking her.

    “Like them?”

    Her hands came to rest on my chest to give herself balance. She moaned, and I felt it all the way to my balls.

    “I had no idea piercings on a guy could be so hot,” she murmured.

    Her mouth was soft and wet, her tongue flicking out and she even tugged.
    jessica araujohar citeretsidste år
    I was fine to be considered less.
    Vanesia Younghar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    Oh. My. God. They were mine? My mates from the match.
    Vanesia Younghar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    Yet standing before us, wide eyed and clearly attracted to her mates, just as we were affected by her, she was afraid of us
    Vanesia Younghar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    Our little mate seemed to be a force all her own, strong and stubborn and a little wild. But now, seeing her vulnerable, her eyes haunted, her small body weak, every protective instinct I had roared to life.
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