Simon Turney

Simon Turney is a British author renowned for his historical fiction novels, particularly those set in ancient Rome. He has published over 50 books both independently and through renowned publishers.

Simon Turney was born and raised in Yorkshire. His grandfather, a Yorkshire photographer, influenced his interest in literature in childhood. As a result of this relationship, Simon developed a passion for history, particularly the Roman heritage. Hadrian's Wall sparked his lifelong interest in the ancient world, which later expanded to Egypt, Greece, and Byzantium. However, Rome remained his main focus.

During his early career, he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and managed computer networks. However, his love for the ancient world never waned, leading him back to academia. He pursued an honors degree in classical history through the Open University.

With a renewed enthusiasm for Roman history, Simon embarked on a mission to make Caesar's Gallic War diaries accessible to a modern audience. This project culminated in the first volume of Marius’ Mules, completed in 2003. Along with its sequels, the novel became an international bestseller.

Simon Turney researches extensively for his novels. For accurate depictions of real locations, he visits them in person. His method produces detailed and engaging stories. He writes fantasy to explore stories without historical limits.

Given a choice, Simon would meet Gaius Julius Agricola to learn about Britain's Roman conquest. He would also like to see the first Roman amphitheater, showcasing Roman innovation.

Simon Turney lives with his family in rural North Yorkshire.

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