Jill Jones

Jill Jones has two passions in life: her children and her dogs. She is someone you can definitely call a dog lover. She breathes and lives dogs, and volunteers her time at the dog shelter. Since she was little, Jill always felt a magical connection with dogs. She has lots of experience taking care of dogs and she wants to share this knowledge with you. Jill is also a mother to 3 wonderful children. The combination of her two passions in life led to the creation of a series of books titled Learn with Bruno, as well as other educational books for children. Jill strongly believes that a great way for children to learn new things is by playing games and having fun, but most importantly, by letting kids use their imagination. Enriching children's knowledge and opening their eyes to new and exciting discoveries is one of the main objectives in the stories of Jill's books. If you want to contact Jill, please send an email to spiralaPublishing[at]gmail[dot]com
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