John Timpson

John Harry Robert Timpson OBE was a British journalist, best known as a radio presenter. His experiences in broadcasting provided Timpson with material for several books: "Today and Yesterday" (1976), "The Lighter Side of Today" (1983) and "The Early Morning Book" (1986). After his retirement from the BBC he returned to Norfolk and continued writing, especially about England and East Anglia in particular. These included a novel "Paper Trail" published in 1989 and two works on the quirks and oddities of English life - "Timpson's England" (1987) and "Timpson's Towns" (1989). Subsequent books included "Timpson’s English Villages" (1992), "Timpson’s Other England (1993)", "Timpson’s English Country Inns" (1995) and "Timpson on the Verge" (2002).In 1987 he was awarded an OBE for his services to broadcasting.
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