Chukri Soueidi

Chukri Soueidi is a software developer based in Beirut, Lebanon. With an experience that spans more than 8 years, he specializes in web development and Microsoft technologies. He currently works at the American University of Beirut as a software engineer and systems analyst, developing new software solutions for the university and its medical center.
He was awarded the Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) award for 2 years 2014 and 2015 for his contributions to the technical communities of Visual C# and .NET. The MVP award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide, who actively share their high-quality and real-world expertise with other communities. With fewer than 5,000 awardees worldwide, Microsoft MVPs represent a highly selected group of experts.
He is heavily involved in local developer communities in Beirut, coaching on the latest technologies, and he is also a regular speaker at the major evangelism events held by Microsoft, Lebanon. He conducted several workshops for university students and professionals on topics of software development and gaming technologies. Chukri is also a technical trainer and has been working as an instructor at the regional learning centers.
Away from his laptop, Chukri is an avid marathon runner. He enjoys exploring new places and cooking with his beloved ones and friends. You can always reach him at


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