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Marguerite Duras

India Song

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Unseen voices narrate this story of the affair between the haunting Anne-Marie Stretter and the disgraced French vice-consul in Làhore. In the India of 1937, with the smell of laurels and leprosy permeating the air, the characters perform a dance of doomed love to the strains of a dying colonialism.Originally commissioned as a play for Britain’s National Theatre,India Song was made into a film that premiered at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival. American Cinematographer praised it for its “imaginative use of voices creating an echo chamber effect that perpetuates the past,” and Molly Haskell called it “Marguerite Duras’ most perfectly realized film, the most feminine film I have seen, a rarefied work of lyricism, despair, and passion, imbued with a kind of primitive emotional hunger that is all the more moving for its austere setting.”
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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    The woman, Anne-Marie Stretter, wife of a French Ambassador to India and now dead—her grave is in the English cemetery in Calcutta—might be said to be born of this horror. She stands in the midst of it with a grace which engulfs everything, in unfailing silence—a grace which the voices try to see again, a grace which is porous and dangerous, dangerous also for some of them.
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    Stillness. Stillness enveloped in music.
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    G. CRAWN: Why Calcutta? Why did her journey stop there?
    GUEST: Perhaps because she can lose herself there. She's always been trying to lose herself, really, ever since her life began . . .

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