Jane Porter

The Fallen Greek Bride

  • Shelly Fondahar citeretfor 4 år siden
    Even though part of her would always love him, they couldn’t be together, because outside the bedroom, they simply didn’t work. There was no real understanding, no meeting of the minds. The only time they connected, the only time they made sense, was when they were having sex. But sex was just a part of a relationship, it couldn’t be the relationship.
  • Shelly Fondahar citeretfor 4 år siden
    Thank God we’ll both soon be free so we can find someone that suits us both better. You can go get another pretty girl and give her an orgasm once or twice a day and feel like a real man, and I’ll find a man who has warmth and compassion, a man who cares about what I think and feel, a man who wants to know me, and not just my body!”
  • Shelly Fondahar citeretfor 4 år siden
    y. But there’s been very little pleading, and absolutely no begging, at all.”

    A pulse beat wildly in her throat. She could feel the same wild flutter in her wrists and behind her ears. Everything in her was racing, raging. “Is that what you want? You’d like for me to beg you to help me?”

    His head cocked, and he studied her, his gaze penetrating. “It’d certainly be a little more conciliatory, and far less antagonistic.”

    “Conciliatory.” She repeated the word, rolling it ove
  • sumitak7har citeretfor 8 år siden
    Her eyes flew open and she stared into his eyes.
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