Thomas Walsh

African Safari Adventures

It was pure serendipity that we went on an African safari, but we are forever grateful that we did. We combined a visit with my brother and sister-in-law, a doctor and nurse volunteering at a hospital in Uganda with a safari to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.
Enjoy reading about what it was like to volunteer at a hospital in a small town in southwestern Uganda and the excitement and adventure of trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, camel rides in the rugged northern frontier of Kenya, safaris in the magical “Green Hills” of Africa in southeast Kenya, the lost world of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, the mysterious shifting sands of Tanzania, close encounters with wild animals on the Serengeti Plain and the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration.
Meet the many different and interesting people we encountered on safari and learn about the fabulous eco-lodges we stayed at. Travel with us across East Africa in small planes and safari cars for the many wonderful experiences that made this the trip-of-a-lifetime for us and our friends.
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    g event hosted by Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree, a well- known philanthropist in Santa Barbara. We each grabbed a glass of wine from a waiter when we came in and looked around for people we knew. Our friends Stev

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