Jack N. Raven

The Persuaders Guide To Eliminating Resistance And Getting Compliance

If you are a Persuader (who isn't), this book can teach you techniques of persuasion that will allow you to navigate the persuasion, and make your offers (or get them to do what you want) while  minimizing — even com,pletely eliminating resistance from their heads!The goal of this book is to introduce a special way of looking and treating the persuasion process, so that resistances are targetted and neutralized, while giving you unprecedented leverage in how to control people much more smoothly and consistently.You can collect all the trial closes and fancy shmancy persuasion techniques in the world — but if you lack the innergame or how to see the whole picture? You wont successfully persuade and get the Compliance (acceptance of offer, target makes the desired action etc.)!If you can master resistance? You can master persuasion! And No persuader can succeed without mastering neutralization of resistance.For my readers interested in subjects on how to be a Spy, or on how to be a Con artist? Well this book does not cover those subjects directly, HOWEVER to learn how to spy for example requires the skillsets of getting compliance and simple resistance management — which are indeed covered in this book. ==============Table of Contents==============Table of ContentsI — Nature of the OfferTargets TRUE need for the offerThe Size of the CompliancePeople don't like to be sold toPull back tacticsSafety/Dangers/IntegrityII External Factors Influencing Resistance or AcceptanceTimeBased on you or offers past performancePresentation of yourself and offerFuture ProjectionsSpeedDecision makingValues/Social Conditionings/Family/Corporate Values etc…Buyers’ Remorse Targets personal criteria and metaprograms Target's stock knowledge and experience about the offer at handPositive or Negative effects the perception of the offer directly Relationship Dynamics/Frame Prospect in relation to the itemPersuader’s relationship with the offer 3rd Party OpinionsSocial Proof positive or negative Advisers and Invisible decision makersIII Compliance or ResistanceLogical resistanceThey don't like you personallyThey decided on another offerEmotional or State based/BTBaby steps leading, to sneak past resistance
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