Jennifer Page

Love Letters on Hazel Lane

Scrabble fan Jo always seems to pick the wrong guys. Now she's moved to the Yorkshire village of Hebbleswick, and decided to give dating one last chance. This time, there's a catch: she will only date men whose names would score highly in her beloved word game.
After Tarquin (16 points) proves just as disappointing as the rest, she meets low-scoring local doctor Ras (3 points). Her rules mean she can't date him — but when he asks her to organise a Scrabble festival with him, she can't say no.
As the event draws nearer and Jo and Ras grow closer, will Jo ignore her rule and let true love blossom over the triple letter scores?
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  • katherinagrinhar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    Jo automatically opened her mouth to object, to say that no, she wasn’t creative, she was more of an admin kind of person, but then she closed it again.
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