Maya Blake

Pregnant At Acosta's Demand

Bartering for a baby works when both people get what they want: each other. A rollercoaster romance from the author of the Untamable Greeks series.
Shy Suki Langston has desired Ramon Acosta for years, and one shocking night he gives her pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings. But when an unexpected pregnancy ends in tragedy, Suki knows that any hope of a future together has been extinguished.
Then the arrogant magnate returns, determined that Suki will provide him with an heir! Ramon’s outrageous demand reignites both Suki’s longing for a child and the burning memory of his touch . . .
Suki agrees, certain she can keep her physical responses under control—until their explosive reunion proves just how susceptible her body and heart still are to him.
“A sexy and emotional opposites attract romance. Maya Blake created a good balance between the romance, conflict, and tragedies.” —Harlequin Junkie
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