David Farland

Of Wizards and Wolves

A memorial anthology for fantasy master David Farland A good story can entertain us. A great story can transform us. Two iconic archetypes in fantasy and fairy tales are wizards and wolves, and both are known for their ability to transform. Wizards can work magic to change the rules of the world to fit their wants and needs. Wolves can transform from man to beast under the light of a full moon. Both can represent power and danger as well as inspire loyalty or fear. This collection of eighteen short stories celebrates a wide variety of both wizards and wolves—often in the same story—as well as peels back the layers of what it means to be transformed. You’ll read stories of people turning into wolves—or wolves turning into people—but you’ll also read stories of a wizard passing on his legacy before he dies, and a hockey game played to reclaim part of a stolen soul. You’ll find a twist on the familiar story of a young girl in a red cape, and a tale of a pinball machine that is more than it appears to be. From fantasy to horror, to science fiction to humor, these stories offer something for everyone. David Farland transformed lives, not only with his writing and imagination, but also with his mentoring of new writers. This anthology supports the scholarship fund of the Superstars Writing Seminars, which he co-founded. “By turns heartbreaking and humorous—but always magical—this anthology is a fitting tribute that’s sure to please Farland’s fans.”—Publishers Weekly Don’t miss the other anthologies that support the scholarship fund.
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