Jojo Moyes

Me before You

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This is a classic love story between a strong successful guy and a modest girl. The book might seem trivial, but the usual plot is viewed from a completely new angle. Will's life is like a dream. He is rich, handsome and successful. The guy loves fast riding a motorcycle and always knows how to achieve any goals. This causes sincere envy of others. One day, Will hurries to a business meeting. Suddenly he falls under the wheels of a motorcycle. This accident changes his life forever. Now Will is confined to a wheelchair. He cannot even eat on his own, so he needs round-the-clock care. It seems, life is over. But at one crucial moment Will meets Louisa. New changes are to happen. Something unexpectable is waiting for the desperate guy.
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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    His eyes met mine in a long, angry silence.
  • Anastasia Prokopenkohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    face turn red.
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    It will be autumn now. I hope the coffee is good and the bread is warm, and that it is still sunny enough to sit outside. There are a few things that I want to say.

    When you get back to England, take this letter to Michael Lawler. He has money for you. It is enough to pay for the college course you talked about and living costs while you are studying. It will also buy you somewhere nice to live.

    I am not giving this money to you to say thank you. I'm giving it to you because there is not much that makes me happy anymore, but you do. I want to know that I have helped you to live a good life, a better life. Knowing this helps me. You are braver than you think you are, Clark.

    I can see it. So please live well, wear those black-and-yellow tights and be happy.

    You have touched my heart. You did it the first day you arrived, with your crazy clothes and your bad jokes.

    You changed my life much more than this money will ever change yours.

    Don't be sad. Just live well.

    Love, Will

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