Heaven Vs Reincarnation

Heaven is a metaphor for the womb, childhood and the past. A yearning to go back to the wonderful days of our childhood. A time of zero worries or responsibilities, loved ones watching over us, protecting us, giving us love and affection. We were fed, clothed, shielded from the perils of life, basically we got to live in a bubble. Reincarnation then, stands for life, adulthood and the future. We cannot turn the clock back, we cannot live in the past, running away from real life is not the answer. We MUST move out of the nest and face life head-on. The future life depicted in the Star Wars movies will become a reality one day but it won’t build itself. We must work, sacrifice, make the right choices sothat the future dream world will come true. Those who choose Reincarnation, real life over a fantasy retirement home in the sky, will enjoy the fruits of the coming future world! Author Dharma would love to hear your thoughts. You can contact him at: HeavenVsReincarnation@Yahoo.com
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