Sally Mandel

Take Me Back

A novel following three generations of twentieth-century women by a New York Times–bestselling author and “a wonderful writer” (Luanne Rice).
Even in her twilight years, Lily Adams is an inspiration and a source of strength to those around her. Perhaps none is more touched by her presence than her granddaughter, Amy—who will find Lily her unlikely savior when a crisis unfolds.
In this multigenerational family saga, we watch Lily reflect on her past and present, and meet three generations of the Adamses, sharing their loves, their weaknesses, and their hardships—and we are reminded of the impact we can have on the people who surround us, even in the mere echo of ourselves after we have gone.
Take Me Back is a poignant novel from an author who “illuminates our deepest hopes and secret fears, showing us what matters most” (Deborah Smith).
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