Alfredo Zotti,Cynthia Pearson

Art Therapy and the Creative Process

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International voices from across the globe come together in Art Therapy and the Creative Process to share their perspectives on art, the artist's process, and how art has been therapeutic for them.
In the first section, the three primary contributors--Alfredo Zotti, Samuel Mann, and Cynthia Pearson--create a triple commentary on a piece of art. Zotti paints a picture, Mann analyzes it, and Pearson writes a poem to complement it. In later sections, various artists share why they write, paint, play music, or take photographs, including what their individual mediums mean to them, what they may mean to others, why they have chosen various art forms, how art allows them an opportunity to escape from the world, and how it can also help them heal.
Artists will find kindred spirits in these pages. Lovers of literature, music, and art in all its forms will gain insight into artists' souls, how they view the world a little differently, and why. Art Therapy and the Creative Process gives art a purpose beyond what most of us usually think of it having--that art is a way to keep us all sane in a maddening world and it gives us the opportunity to create something to heal that same world that wounds us.
«Art Therapy and the Creative Process is a fascinating, multi-perspective look at art. I found myself resonating with many of the pieces here. Art allows us to take control of the uncontrollable and make meaning out of chaos. Viewing art as therapy opens the door to a new understanding between art, science, and psychology.»
--Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and award-winning author of The Best Place and Narrow Lives
«Creative activities heal. They lift us out of suffering for awhile. They validate us when we feel damaged and worthless. And, over time, they can transform our perception of our world, so that we change from sufferers to survivors, and even joyful surmounters. Art Therapy and the Creative Process can be a shining example for those who want a way out of a personal hell.»
--Bob Rich, PhD, psychologist and author
“The book is a beautiful piece of work and all concerned should be very proud. The human dimension is enhanced through art and expressive approaches should be a much stronger part of mental health care ."
--Professor Patrick McGorry, AO MD PhD, Executive Director, OYH Research Centre, University of Melbourne
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    Marcie Mata Dhar citeretfor 22 dage siden
    But there is more to it because the artist, or the amateur artist, is often able to confront life in all of its intricate, positive, and negative elements. The creator learns to understand life and looks at it with a critical mind. This effort further fuels his or her creativity as the individual learns to evaluate life independently from ideology and from the commonsensical way of doing and thinking. Mind you, it can be a difficult process to evaluate life critically, which may be why many artists often develop mental disorders, or, alternatively, they already had mental disorders, which helped them to gravitate towards the creative arts. I feel that real artists will always suffer with some mental disorders; it is part of the creative process.

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