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Mary Wollstonecraft

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Writing in an age when the call for the rights of man had brought revolution to America and France, Mary Wollstonecraft produced her own declaration of female independence in 1792. Passionate and forthright, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman attacked the prevailing view of docile, decorative femininity, and instead laid out the principles of emancipation: an equal education for girls and boys, an end to prejudice, and for women to become defined by their profession, not their partner. Mary Wollstonecraft’s work was received with a mixture of admiration and outrage — Walpole called her ‘a hyena in petticoats’ — yet it established her as the mother of modern feminism.
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  • Teddyhar delt en vurderingfor 4 år siden
    👍Værd at læse

    It's an amazing book. But you have to be patient enough 😅.


  • bhagyashrimondal69637har citeretfor 4 år siden
    It is of great importance to observe, that the character of every man is, in some degree, formed by his profession.
  • Michelle AMhar citeretfor 4 timer siden
    My own sex, I hope, will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their FASCINATING graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone.
  • chaib kawtherhar citeretsidste år
    the French character, properly termed finesse

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