Alana Church

Incest, Inc

Scott is having a bad day. His boss is terrifying, his kids are bickering, and his wife is considering divorce. But then he gets a crazy offer. His company is not what it seems. They want his family to have children…with each other! Now follow the adventures of Scott and his over-sexed family in three steamy stories as they discover the pleasures of family love!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Shocked, baby?” His mother took a step closer, until her body was all but pressed up against his. Her eyes were large and liquid, their pupils dilated. “Surprised that an old lady like me could be a little…kinky?”

Jason tried to put his feelings into words. “It's not that. I just didn't expect…didn't think…”

She smiled and put her finger against his lips. He fought his impulse to shy away. They were in a strange place, he knew, at right angles to the world as he knew it. And he very much feared that one wrong move could destroy the fragile trust they had built between one another.

“You didn't think I could be just as sex-hungry as anyone else, right?” Her mouth cocked in a crooked half-smile. “Jason, you've got to get rid of the blinders. Women love sex just as much as guys do. Angelica likes to have sex. Shannie likes to have sex.

“And I LOVE to have sex. Get rid of any thought you might have that older women don't get as horny as anyone else.

“It's wrong. Dead wrong.

“News flash, Eeyore. I love to have sex.” Now she was pressed up against him, her breasts brushing his chest, her hands on his hips. One slid down to cradle his manhood. “And the only thing I love more than you right now is the thought of you in my body. Inside me.”

He looked around, panicked. “Here? On the floor?”

“No, silly.” She turned around, pulling him with her. “Here. Up against the wall.”
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