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Katherine Kingsley

Call Down the Moon

Giv mig besked når bogen er tilgængelig
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i streaming pt. men du kan uploade din egen epub- eller fb2-fil og læse den sammen med dine andre bøger på Bookmate. Hvordan overfører jeg en bog?
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 3 år siden
    Meggie. Oh, Meggie. Has there ever been anyone more sane than you in your honesty? Anyone more direct, more free of guile, more uncaring about what the material world might give you, yet more caring about what beauty the world’s natural bounties hold? Anyone ever more willing to love with no conditions attached?
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 3 år siden
    From the moment Meggie had entered his life, she had entwined herself around his heart, and that heart had opened and grown and learned to embrace, just as she had taught his spirit to fly.
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 3 år siden
    Meggie beamed. “It will be an adventure. A perfect, wonderful adventure.”

    “Something tells me, my dear Meggie,” he said, lifting her hand to his mouth and kissing her fingertips one by one, “that life with you will always be an adventure.”
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 3 år siden
    He smiled, and Meggie felt as if the sun had come out and brightened over half a lifetime of gray skies.
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 3 år siden
    I felt as if I had seen an angel, a being not entirely of this world, and yet the world suddenly made more sense than it ever had before. I have not been the same since.
  • Sofiahar citeretfor 3 år siden
    Life had been dictated to her, defined by loss, shaped by helplessness. She’d learned early on that her life would never be like everyone else’s, and she had long since developed a pragmatic core that concealed her loneliness.
  • b7804408695har citeretfor 3 år siden
    The Mabey sisters were a classic example, and no one had ever locked them up.
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