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Peter Mulraney

Everyday Project Management

An introduction to project management for unofficial project managers.

Projects involving billions of dollars require serious project management by highly qualified and experienced project managers.

You probably won’t be doing any of that if you’re looking at this book, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from applying the principles of project management to your everyday work or personal projects.

In Everyday Project Management, author Peter Mulraney uses a conversational style to demystify project management for untrained project managers, and gives you access to tools the professional use — without having to read hundreds of pages or take a test.

Everyday Project Management is informed by Peter’s twenty years of playing in the project space in banking and government, and his application of project management principles to writing and publishing numerous books.
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    our essential task as project manager, at this point, is to determine dependencies; that is, activities that can't be started until others have been completed.
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    list of activities into a logical sequence based on your experience.
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    Backing up your files to a cloud service, like Dropbox, or to an external drive mitigates the risk of losing all your work.

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