Joanna Debowska-Ludwin,Julia Chyla,Karolina Rosińska-Balik

Current Research in Egyptology 17

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This volume reflects the most recent state of research on ancient Egypt presented and discussed at the international conference Current Research on Egyptology XVII, May 2016. Nine papers are arranged chronologically covering the wide time span from the Predynastic till the Graeco-Roman Period, with the remaining five considering more general thematic, theoretical and cross-cultural topics. Papers re-examine the archives from early exacavations of pre-Dynastic tombs in the light of modern research; discuss various types of object from different periods; consider the roles of travelling artists and regional artistic schools styles and the mobility of ancient high-skilled craftsmen. Thematic, theoretical, and cross-cultural papers consider the relation of gods, cosmic sacredness and fertility beliefs; take a comparative approach to cultural identity extracted from narrative poetry of Greek and Egyptian origin; the inclusion of Egyptian musical elements incorporated into Greek traditions and the analysis of artifacts from the Egyptian collection of Zagreb, illustrating the range of information that essentially unprovenenced objects may have for future research.
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