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Oh So Scrumptious Christmas Muffins: 25 Scrumptious & Oowing Christmas Muffin Recipes

Christmas Dessert & Muffin Recipes so easy, effortless, n'quick to fix…because they start with a simple to use Christmas Dessert & Muffin baking fix. Simple & Tasty is priority #1: No painful dishes or old school and long hours to make grandma recipes that are a pain to make, that require stressful time spent in the kitchen, that are way too complicated to ever turn out perfect, that leave a mess in the kitchen, and that take way too long to clean up! In this Oh So Scrumptious Muffin Recipe book, you'll find the fix. If you are a busy entrepreneur, employee, work at home mom or parent, you'll ask yourself where this book has been all your adult life. You'll find temptations such as: * White Chocolate & Eggnog Christmas Muffins * Twas Night Before Christmas Cranberry & Nutmeg Muffins * Cranberry Cheescake Muffins * Pistaccio Muffins With Pink Champagne Frosting * Choco Muffins With Marzipan Filling * Better Than Christmas Pudding Christmas Delighs and many more surprises…
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