Rick Jenkins

Producing Independent Feature Films That Make Money

If you are a hungry indie filmmaker with a passion for the film industry and a drive to earn passive income, Producing Independent Feature Films That Make Money: The Ultimate Guide to Producing Independent Films for Profit and Passive Income Project Description is the book that you have been waiting for.

At each stage of the filmmaking journey, you will be tested to overcome obstacles and endure setbacks. Given your heavy workload and expansive responsibilities as a filmmaker, including everything from hiring, production to distribution and marketing, your job is a juggling act. This eBook provides comprehensive practical techniques and strategies to move you gracefully through the rough terrain of producing an independent film that resonates and reaches your intended audience.

In this modern digital age, when the online arena has overtaken traditional methods of distribution and commerce, there has never been a more important time to understand how to leverage the increased access to audiences that cyberspace provides. Inside, you will find valuable industry secrets that teach you how to reach and convince your niche audience. You will learn how to make use of the many variations of social media advertising to maximize ad revenue for your film.

Inside you will find:

How to construct a script that is adaptable to location changes, reshoots, and budgeting conflicts

The value of reading legal contracts and attaining legal counsel to avoid potential litigation and other legal conflicts that can arise during and after production

The film genres that garner the most revenue and why indie films do not have to follow these industry norms

How dailies and slates can expedite and ease the editing process in post-production and help keep you organized on set

Which mediums carry the most value for film distribution, exposure, and revenue

How to leverage media outlets to your advantage so that you can navigate the media landscape to earn exposure and reach your target niche audience

How Video On Demand has changed and why this is the best platform for indie filmmakers to earn revenue and passive income

How to tell your brand’s story through content marketing so that your film is more appealing to your target audience

Why TV and theatrical deals have become overrated for indie films and why you should avoid these methods of distribution

How you can reach your niche audience by constructing a marketing strategy that targets audiences by location, age, gender, income, and even their specific devices
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