Mike Nicholson

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Moving Mammoth

There's nothing deader than a mammoth — not just dead but completely extinct. So how can it be moving at night? In the Case of the Moving Mammoth, the Squad investigate the museum's new star exhibit, on loan from Tyrone O'Saurus, ringmaster of the travelling Dinosaur Circus. There must be a reasonable explanation for a shifting stuffed prefistoric animal. Can they sift through the clues and unravel the puzzle before the museum faces a mammoth-sized problem?
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    The Squad members each took one with a broad smile.

    “Now I must head off,” said O’Saurus. “I want to look at those amazing T-rex teeth, and then do some last-minute preparations for tonight’s show. Will I see you there?” O’Saurus seemed keen for an answer before he left, and the Squad were happy to tell him that they would definitely be at the circus that evening.



    Monday 1.00 p.m.

    We have free tickets for the Dinosaur Circus!

    That has made my day, since our current mystery has so little life it’s nearly extinct.

    We are professionals. We crack codes. We catch criminals. We solve secrets.

    Today we looked at stuffed animals that had moved a few millimetres and considered some crumbs.

    Yawn. In fact double yawn. Scrap that; make it a triple.

    Laurie feels the same. He’s changed into his bright orange suit to cheer himself up. He looks like a two-legged satsuma. (I’ve told him.)

    Nabster keeps going on about his ScanRay and the idea of an intruder. He’s busy on the laptop (as usual).

    Plan to think more about all this after dino circus tonight!
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    “Sabrina the Sabre-Toothed Tiger Tamer?” said Kennedy. She looked closely at the picture. “Those are very fake fangs.”

    “Any clowns? I like clowns,” said Laurie, starting to thread some new rainbow laces into his baseball boots.

    “Yes,” said Nabster. “The Bronto Brothers. It says here they’re just like a couple of brontosauruses: slow moving and a bit stupid.”

    “These names are so awful,” said Laurie. He lay back on the sofa again. “I need a rest.”

    “Wait till you hear what the ringmaster and circus manager is called,” said Kennedy, “Tyrone O’Saurus.” A picture came up on the screen of a large man in a bright checked jacket.

    Laurie groaned and pulled the sleeping bag over his head to avoid any more painful dinosaur puns.

    “According to this report, the circus being in Edinburgh is big news for the museum. They might not have dinosaurs, but they have brought Moth with them,” said Nabster.

    “A moth? How much excitement can that bring? A moth is not exactly a crowd-puller,” said Laurie’s muffled voice from inside the sleeping bag.
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    In which a mammoth does something very unusual

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