Stephen Covey,A.Roger Merrill

First Things First

The New York Times–bestselling time management book from the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Stephen R. Covey’s First Things First is the gold standard for time management books. His principle-centered approach for prioritizing gives you time management tips that enable you to make changes and sacrifices needed in order to obtain happiness and retain a feeling of security. First Things First: The Interactive Edition takes Dr. Covey’s philosophy and remasters the entire text to include easy-to-understand infographics, analysis, and more.
This time-saving version of First Things First is the efficient way to apply Dr. Covey’s tested and validated time management tips, while retaining his core message. This guide will help you:
• Get more done in less time
• Develop and retain rich relationships
• Attain inner peace
• Create balance in your life
• And, put first things first
“Covey is the hottest self-improvement consultant to hit US business since Dale Carnegie.” —USA Today
“Covey has reached the apex with First Things First. This is an important work. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be helped by reading it.” —Larry King, CNN
“These goals embody a perfect balance of the mental, the physical, the spiritual, and the social.” —Booklist
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    golovnyahar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    techniques and practices masquerade as practical, hard-hitting, bottom-line solutions that address immediate concerns. But their implied promise is quick-fix illusion.
    golovnyahar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    We often go for the illusion of “cramming” instead of the reality of long-term development and growth.
    golovnyahar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    Economic well-being is based on principles of thrift, industry, saving for future needs, earning interest instead of paying it. But we live with the illusion that having “things” will fulfill the need—regardless of the fact that they’re bought on credit and we spend months or even years paying twice what they’re worth for the cotton-candy satisfaction of instant gratification

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