Kevin Wilson

Using Publisher 2019

We’ve all been there before, staring at a computer screen with no idea what to do — don’t worry Using Publisher 2019 is here to help. Written by best-selling technology author, lecturer, and computer trainer Kevin Wilson, Using Publisher 2019 is packed with easy to follow instructions, photos, illustrations, helpful tips and video demos.

Updated to cover Microsoft Publisher 2019, this guide will show you how to:

Start Publisher and find your way around the ribbon menu

Lay out and design your page

Use page parts, text boxes, borders and accents

Use pre-designed templates, and build your own

Format text: bold, italic, underlined, strike, and super/subscript

Align, highlight and change text colour

Cut, copy, paste and using the clipboard

Use headers and footers

Insert SmartArt and clipart

Add charts, tables, equations and special characters

Add photos, crop, wrap text and use effects

Print your publications

Check spelling and grammar

You'll want to keep this edition handy as you make your way around Microsoft Publisher. Have Fun!
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