Martin Lundqvist

The Banker Trilogy

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Can anyone stop a twisted group of conspirators from dominating the world?

The Banker Trilogy follows the Swiss banker Pierre Beaumont, who owns an advanced alien AI, and conspires to rule the world.

The Banker and the Dragon:
Chairman Jing Xi, of the Columnist Party of China, develops a controllable bioweapon, the Hei Bai-virus, to eliminate all dissenters to his rule. Pierre steals the bioweapon and attacks New York City during a UN summit, to enrichen himself through shorting the markets.
Meanwhile, the human rights activist Eileen Lu is trying to reveal Chairman Jing Xi's villainous plans to the world.

The Banker and the Eagle.
A terrorist attack on a TV station unveils evidence that a drug Pierre released against the Hei-Bai-virus, Reversogene, killed and maimed millions of people. The independent candidate Eva Moreno wins the US Presidential election and pledges to bring Pierre to justice. To stop Eva, Pierre conspires to kill her and to blame the murder on the democratic president of China, Eileen Lu.

The Banker and the Empath
Pierre has turned 70 and is looking to select an heir to House Beaumont. He organises a competition among his many children who lives in a secret facility. The selection process ends in a disaster as Pierre's favourite daughter, Delphine Beaumont, snaps and murders his other children. This forces Pierre to kill her in self-defence.
Pierre is heartbroken and tries to kill himself, but his gay lover, the Russian sadist Vladimir Kravchenko, saves him. Given a new lease on life, Pierre and Vladimir decide to steal an alien artefact to bring Delphine back to life.
Meanwhile, Elaine Orchard is preparing to go to war with Pierre to stop him from getting the Zeto Crystal, and to end his reign of villainy.
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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