The Leadership Pipeline, Ram Charan
Ram Charan

The Leadership Pipeline

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An updated and revised version of the bestselling The Leadership Pipeline – the critical resource for how companies can grow leaders from the inside.   In business, leadership at every level is a requisite for company survival. Yet the leadership pipeline –the internal strategy to grow leaders – in many companies is dry or nonexistent. Drawing on their experiences at many Fortune 500 companies, the authors show how organizations can develop leadership at every level by identifying future leaders, assessing their corporate confidence, planning their development, and measuring their results.
New to this edition is 65 pages of new material to update the model, share new stories and add new advice based on the ten more years of experience. The authors have also added a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to the end of each chapter.
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Diana Møller Gøtze Kjærnø
Diana Møller Gøtze Kjærnøhar citeretfor 2 år siden
uddenly you have much more insight about an individual’s current and future leadership capability as well as how to develop them as leaders. Just as important, this enables senior managers to consider all direct reports during their succession planning and not just the supposed high-potentials. The following key translates each box into a specific assessment and action:
Box One—Exceptional/Turn

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