Daniel Reed

How Do You Know the Truth

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There are many problems people face in the world today. Most of these problems can be attributed to a single cause… the lack of the truth.

The truth can be simple but it can be complex too. The truth gets distorted and lost in so many ways. How do you know what the truth is? How do you become a better judge to know the truth? Can we even tell what “the truth” is these days?

This book addresses these questions in areas of our lives where we see lies often. It stays focused on the truth throughout. It keeps things simple and straight to the point.

The author of this book wants to put the focus back on the truth so people can be more aware of it.

He wants people to have more certainty in their lives. To know what and who they can trust. This will help improve lives and the world in general.

The truth is so important in life. The information in this book is so important to learn. But it’s never taught, or rarely talked about at all.
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