Houston Cei

Incest Is Best

Mr. Bennett had high hopes for his son, but after Alex disclosed that he was gay, he was disowned by his father. His mother and sister stood by his side with emotional support, and their love for him went beyond just being a son and sibling. Alex was determined to succeed in life and win back his father's approval.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Say, Dad, you told me some interesting stories earlier today, but I'm wondering if you have anything spicy to tell me.”

“I think I know what you mean, but keep in mind that I was a married man with a family while I was in the Marine Corps,” he responded.

“Yeah, of course I know you had a wife and family, but even married men do things. C'mon, Dad, tell me something juicy,” she demanded in a cheerful tone.

“Okay, but this is just between the two of us,” he said. “After we left the Philippines, we were stationed in Korea for a while. There was this young lieutenant who I guess you could say was 'sucking up' to me because I was the one to write his performance report. He had this Korean girl that he needed help with. He said that she was young and cute and wanted to have two American men at once. 'Sir, please help me out,' he said. Well, this was a girl in poverty who was hoping to land and American officer. I guess she figured if she didn't get one, she would get the other. It appeared that the lieutenant just wanted to use the situation for me to get some action. His assessment of her appearance was accurate. She had a cute innocent face and a very nice pair of legs. She took us to a place a short distance outside and away from her family's hut where she had a blanket and pillows all set. I lay down on my back and she went prone to give me head while the lieutenant did her from behind. Now, that was it, my one and only hot story.”

“Dad, I've heard that Korean girls have the best legs in the world and you seemed to like hers. I could not help but notice that mine have caught your eye. How do mine compare with that Korean girl's legs?”

She kicked off her high heels, put her right foot on the love seat close to his thigh, unsnapped the straps of her garter belt and slowly removed her black nylon. After putting her right foot back on the floor, she put her left foot on the sofa to slowly remove her other black nylon from her left leg. With a sexy smile, she watched his eyed as they were focused on her movements. “So what do ya think, Mr. Legman?” she asked.

“They are beautiful!” he exclaimed.

April was pleased with the compliment even though he did not make a direct comparison with the Korean girl. She knew that he had suggested moving on and that she was prepared to do. She put her left foot back on the floor, and while standing directly in front of her father, April made eye contact while still smiling and lifted her mini-skirt. Mr. Bennett was speechless to see his daughter lifting her skirt in front of him to show that she was wearing no panties.

“See, Dad, all evening you were out with your daughter and she was not wearing panties. When we were dancing and you dipped me, I raised my leg as high as I could and I suppose that someone could see up my skirt. But ya know, Dad, you're gonna get more than just a look.”

April unzipped her mini-skirt, stepped out of it and moved closer to her father to put her hand behind the back of his head.
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