Jack N. Raven

The Injector Protocol: How To Inject Your Essence Literally Into Everything!

Boxed set that includes Hypno-Machines $2.99 value!How would you like the ability to inject any thought, any feeling into anyone? How about with everything they think about, you'll automatically be the first thing that pops in their minds? In other words, you've injected yourself into anyone and anywhere that exists outside and inside! Real or imagined-- everything will make them think of you!This is called “Anchors”. This book will help you breeze past the learning curve and make you an expert in this technology, in no time flat!One of the most overlooked and undermined tools in Persuasion disciplines are “NLP Anchors”.  And those who have read about them? They just dont know how to use them IN REAL LIFE! In other words, they have a mental understanding, but never a practical grasp of how things really work! Ttypical NLP and Hypnosis books are brimming with ambiguities and hype, most come out with unrealistic expectations and misunderstandings how it actually works!This book (including Hypno-Machines) will provide you — the reader, what you need to expertly use Anchors and similar tools to effortlessly and consistently inject yourself into everything that exists!This book goes into the nitty-gritty of installing essences of yourself into physical and non-physical subjects, concepts, ideas and memories. Not just provide you theories, but help you in actual execution of the techniques with real life targets and real life situations!There are many ways to go about anchoring yourself into a target's mind and the objective is to inject yourself into as many places of the idea as possible. Hopefully into positive or beneficial feelings and emotions so you can achieve positive associations.You will come out of this, appreciating Anchors in a practical, down to earth, “ An Operator in the trenches” point of view that students learning Anchors from a clinician or someone focused with therapeutic intent would miss. Heck, much of my confusion came from NLP and Hypnosis books!Trust me, I have meet hundreds of so called NLP experts, and Persuaders of different sorts, and not very many trully understand it! Follow my advice, and you'll come out ahead. You'll actually be able to do powerful things in the real world!===========================Hypno Machines – How To Convert Every Object In Your Environment As a Device For Psychological and Emotional Manipulaton! $2.99 if bought separately.Description:This book is all about reprogramming and having control of literally every object that exists in the world, and any object and concepts, feelings and emotions that exists only in the mind, as actual tools that affect change within you! (Note: Injector protocol is geared for other people, while this helps create changes WITHIN the operator!)By tools, it literally means tools! Physical objects metaphorically functioning like electronic devices with actual on/off switches, volume knobs and levers.The same technology can also be applied as a tool of persuasion and brainwashing, depending on the intent of the Operator or user.Though not a book on the occult, students of the occult will be able to utilize the technologies here and make some modifications for use in ritual magick purposes too. By following the recommendations in this book, you can literally turn  everything in the world as a physical devices for emotional, psychological and even spiritual development not only for you, but for every one you care about!
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