Codi Gary

I Want Crazy

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&quote;Sassy, sexy and sweet…Codi never disappoints!&quote; -New York Times bestselling author, Monica MurphyLoco, Texas #3The man no one defiesWildman Red Calhoun has a reputation to protect. When a troublesome blonde with an awesome pair of eyes strolls into town, the small town cowboy isn't going to take attitude from a saucy California girl. Especially since she is remodeling his favorite bar. As a battle of wills ensues, Red is determined to take her down…and not just to his bed. Is about to meet his matchJessie Dale just wants to start over after her last relationship went sour, and the burly man with the sexy grin is being a pain in her rear. Red isn't even her type. He's too big, too loud, and too damn bossy for her piece of mind. At least, that's what she tells herselfuntil the first time he slants that hot mouth over hers, and suddenly, she's having all kinds of steamy thoughts about her worst enemy. And a kiss can change everythingWhen Jessie's ex-boyfriend strolls into town looking for a fight, Red finds himself ready to step in and protect the woman he's fallen for. But Jessie has always run away from troubleand finding herself in love with Red is definitely that.
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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