Frantz Fanon

A Dying Colonialism

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  • Muhammadhar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    to hear one of our elders and if need be protect h im from the fascists.
    On this point we were not called on to intervene. Camus's audience had been carefully screened and the approaches to the hall were guarded by the helmeted C. R.S.27 We expected that Camus would take a clear postion on the Algerian problem.
    \Vhat we were treated to was a sweet-sister speech. He explained to us at length that the innocent civilian population must be protected, but he was categorically against fund raising in favor of the innocent families of political prisoners. We in the hall 211 Hernu-a radical-socialist of the Mendes-France persuasion. Albert Camus-the Algerian-born French writer, Nobel prize-winner in J9!j7, Z'l C.R.S.-Compagnie Rtipublicaine de Sticuntti, a national constabulary army corps, independent of the regular army. (Translator's note)
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    were dumbfounded. Outside, the mob of fascists was rhythmically yelling: '"A lgerie fran�aise!" and screaming: "Camus to the gallows!"
    But these demonstrations seemed to us to be the dying spasms of the colonialist beast.
  • Muhammadhar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    On November l, 1 954, the Revolution broke out.
    Very quickly I came to realize that I belonged in the camp of those who fight for an Algerian nation. The countless tortures that I had occasion to wi tness in the exercise of my duties were to strengthen my hatred of colonialism : Algerians torn apart by two military trucks driven in opposite dire(!tions, classic tortures
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    by water, electricity, hanging by the thumbs or by the testicles.
    One day my wife who had been kept awake all night, as she had for several weeks, by the cries of the tortured (we lived above one of the torture cham bers of Saint-Arnaud), unable to stand it any longer, went and violently protested to the soldiers and the C.R.S. responsible for these practices. She was led back to the house with two machine guns digging into her ribs.

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