C.J. Bernstein

The Briar Society

An ancient secret society, a new age of magic, and a question that could decide the fate of the world.

When a mysterious entity known only as “The Well” joins the forum and begins delivering strange ephemera from an alternate timeline, a select group of readers finds themselves faced with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—

To join a secret, centuries-old organization devoted to the preservation, study, and performance of magic. An organization called the Briar Society.

With the Well at the helm, and familiar faces joining their search, the newly-minted Briars chase one cryptic clue to the next in their quest for answers and magimystic knowledge while also connecting loose ends that begin with The Book of Briars and reach all the way back to The Monarch Papers.

From a nineteenth-century branch of the original society to Deirdre Green’s Manhattan brownstone, from the Cotswolds to the Pacific Northwest to rural Missouri, the adventures of the Briar Society span countries and centuries in their efforts to unravel a set of ever more convoluted “mystifications,” all to answer a single, crucial question—

A question that, if answered, might finally reveal what waits for them in the shadows of the new age.
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