Daniel Marques

Spiritual DNA

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Since ancient times and for thousands of years, from Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt and China to Europe, much was the knowledge found and developed to promote a better lifestyle and health. But, for some reason, we have abandoned this path and entered another, of emotional turmoil, physical pain and diseases. Building itself from the premise that, regarding the meaning of life and purpose of each individual on Earth, spirituality represents the beginning and end of each life-cycle, this book combines the most important words of wisdom from different sources and historical periods, not leaving any important perspective aside. Here, religion and science, among other studies and ancient traditions with thousands of years, are interrelated in an obvious, efficient and practical approach.
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    Alonge Frankhar delt en vurderingfor 6 år siden

    This is a great 3rd eye opener.....informs man of the plane he ought to operate


    Daria Zaytsevahar citeretsidste år
    Therefore, by noticing how mankind has been destroying its forests, we can easily correlate the information to realize that for each tree that dies, the world becomes more insane.
    The Native Americans were right in saying that we're one with nature. “Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect” (Chief Seattle, in 1854). “Man's heart away from nature becomes hard” (Standing Bear). But, we’re also much more than that, as we’re made of the same elements. “The Great Spirit is in all things, the Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us…” (Big Thunder Bedagi Wabanaki Algonquin).
    The more we connect with our Mother Earth, the more spiritual our personal frequencies become.
    Daria Zaytsevahar citeretsidste år
    e can choose to connect to both fields of existence, the spiritual and material, with a clear state of mind, and interconnect them in order to understand and fulfill our purpose on Earth. But, we can also conclude from these scientific experiments that the brain is merely a tool of the conscious mind, which consists in being in our state of self, truthful to our spirit.
    Daria Zaytsevahar citeretsidste år
    When living a spiritual lifestyle, we awake for this truth, while unblocking all our knowledge from previous lives, retained in our subconscious. But, when detaching from it, to embrace material achievements and greed, among other physical attachments, the Spiritual DNA detaches from its role in maintaining our Biological DNA, and that's when we start suffering from degenerative diseases, anxiety and stress

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