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Scribe Of Christ

Creationist Biology – Volume 2

This is the second volume of the Marvels of God collection. I don t know precisely how many volumes I will publish since there are billions of wonders that God created. I have been talking about the wonders of God evident in botany, zoology, natural sciences, physics and chemistry among other fields of human knowledge where the Creator s signatures permeate. When you realize that every detail of the universe that surrounds us has a purpose, that nothing is unfinished, it becomes clear that there is a very intelligent mind behind the universe, and not only intelligent, but very powerful to be able to put your ideas to term. This BEING creates matter out of nothing, this BEING has all the resources of the universe in its power, this BEING has programmed each creature as a software embedded in the DNA of each living being. In the end there is no escape from God. God does not fear rebellion from creatures, God does not need anything, God likes to be liked by people who spontaneously love him. He created man with an intellectual capacity totally different from other creatures. This privileged human intelligence must come to understand part of the divine purposes, and surely God expects this from men.
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