Jerry Clark,Bill Joss


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Cyclosportives, or sportives as they are usually known, are the cycling equivalent of marathons. They often last over seven hours and are ridden over distances in excess of 100 miles. If they are to compete successfully, serious sportive riders require a high level of physical fitness, mental strength and focus, good bike-handling skills and the ability to commit themselves to a stringent programme of training and preparation.Written by two accomplished and experienced sportive competitors the book covers: The origins and development of the sportive; The bike, clothing and equipment; Training and avoiding injury; Nutrition, planning and preparation; Bike-handling and group-riding techniques; The mental aspects of sportive riding; Competing in an event and 'the recovery'; Frequently asked questions. This comprehensive book is written for all those who want to achieve their maximum potential, or who simply want to improve their knowledge and performance by following the authors' straightforward and practical advice. A new and fast growing discipline that offers a big ride challenge to seasoned racers.Written for the rider who is prepared to do the training and compete in the knowledge that they have prepared fully so that they can perform to the best of their ability. Superbly illustrated with 157 colour photographs. Jerry Clark and Bill Joss are two accomplished and experienced sportive competitors.
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