Suzzie Santos

Advanced Parenting Techniques Of Rebellious Teens : The Ultimate Guide To Parenting Difficult Teens From Hell!

Disciplining teenagers is a whole other beast than disciplining children. Teenagers are more than hormonal misfits, and it sometimes takes a delicate hand to figure what type of discipline works for each teenager.      Unlike children, teenagers can comprehend the difference between right and wrong on an intellectual level. In fact, during the teenage years, teens figure out that the only reason there are starving people in the world is because of money. To them, that is a superficial reason to keep someone from eating. There is a certain level of idealism that comes into play when you are dealing with teens.   TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionWhat is your teenager acting out?Here are a few examples of acting out.1. Emotional ProblemsEmotional Acting Out:2. Relational/Social ProblemsSocial Acting Out:3. Functional ProblemsFunctional Acting Out:Finding Solutions to Acting Out1. Never Ask Why2. One Issue at a Time3. Offer Alternative Behaviors4. Leave the Wishful Thinking in Your Dreams5. Always Be a Role ModelHow to Handle Teenagers with Bad AttitudesWhat is Normal Teenager Behavior?Examining a Teenager's BrainWhy do teenagers rebel?They are trying to find their own identity.Peer PressureThey want and need your attentionHormonal imbalanceHow to Change Yourself as a ParentHow to Handle Your Teen's Outside InfluencesHow outside influences can help?How to discipline your teenager for stealing?Are you ready to be a Golden Disciplinarian?
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