Birgit Medele

Clear your Clutter – Manifest your dreams

What have we all got in common? Clutter and dreams. The fascinating thing is that the conscious handling of stuff can turn our vague hopes into reality: decluttering makes your dreams come true — how does that sound!
to get closer to who we are, so we can live to our full potential. 'Clutteritis' symptoms are excessive worrying, complaining, feelings of fear or being burnt out, struggling to find meaning in being. Clutter clearing is an empowering adventure — a master class of life skills. We discover key concepts for joyful living and find out how to embrace change; make the right decisions; switch from fear mode into trust mode; stop reacting and start acting; break free from self-imposed limitations; draw healthy boundaries; develop intuition and self-esteem. Clutter clearing is far more than organising; it means tackling our thoughts and emotions. It is a process that empowers us Birgit Medele shows us, in an entertaining way, where our precious life energy leaks out into redundant stuff. She inspires and motivates us to let go, to recharge ourselves, turning into butterflies and setting off towards our dreams!

Decluttering creates energy, time and space for the things that make life beautiful: adventure, success, self-confidence, equanimity, joy…
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